For the Love of Books

There are six skills that every child needs before they begin kindergarten.  Print motivation is one of them.  Huh?  What is that.  It’s the child’s interest in and enjoyment of books.

Exposing children to books early on will develop an interest.  Babies love to handle books, open and close them, turn the pages, and yes, chew on them.  They are exploring the book as an object by using their senses.  That is how babies learn.  Even if your little one doesn’t sit still to be read to, exposing them to books as a toy is a great beginning.  That’s why I like to use our sharing books in story time.  Babies and toddlers learn the proper way to hold a book, that the pictures and squiggles (words) have meaning, and that they can be fun.  Especially the touch and feel books that provide an extra sensory experience.

Brightly offers some great tips for reading aloud to kids that don’t sit still.  The key is to not force it.  It should be fun, not a chore.  Choose books that have very few words and have bright colors.  Start a conversation first, before you begin reading.  Look at the cover of the book and talk about it.  View the illustrations or pictures, ask them to point things out, talk about what is happening.  After that, if they are interested, read the book to them.  And don’t forget we have a great selection of board books in the library so come in and check them out. Some of my favorites are…


The current session of Story Time is coming to an end.  We will begin again on Monday, April 10th.  See you all then in the Story Time Room!

This weeks handouts:  BT Mar_20_Mice  TotTime March_20 Horses

Last weeks handouts:  BT Mar_13_Farm  TotTime March_13 Farm

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