Michigan Reads!

This year the Library of Michigan selected Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum by Lisa Wheeler for 2017’s Michigan Reads Program.  The program shows the importance of reading and “provides librarians, early childhood educators, parents and caregivers with ideas to help children develop literacy skills through play-based activities.” You can learn more here.

Bubble GumWe have been reading Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum this week in story time.  The story follows froggy and other animals as they get stuck in some ooey, gooey, bubble gum.  With a little team work and some air they blow a bubble big enough to help them get out of the sticky mess.

I had the opportunity to conduct the “On My Own” story time this week with the 4-5 year old kids. We had fun bouncing a couple of big pink balloons around the room and tried not to let them hit the ground and become icky, sticky bubble gum.

Big Bad BubbleThen we read Big Bad Bubble by Adam Rubin.  Did you know that bubbles don’t disappear when they pop.  They go to La La Land where the monster live.  And monsters are scared of bubbles.  But they soon learn that bubbles are fun, not scary.  Just a little soap with air inside. We then popped our own bubbles from the bubble machine and sent them off to La La Land.


Frog_StickyFor our craft we made our own sticky icky bubble gum and of course froggy got stuck in it.  On the way out everyone got a coloring sheet and their own sheet of bubble wrap to pop, pop, pop!  It was a blast!


See you in the Story Time Room!

This weeks handouts for Baby Time BT March 6 Foodies and Tot Time TotTime March 6 Yummy Food

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