Literacy Development

Before children learn to read they need to develop the skills needed to be successful when they begin school. We are all about literacy development here at the library.  Story Time provides both adults and kids the tools they need to encourage a love of reading.  We read, sing, talk, and play — all important aspects of early learning.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Parents and caregivers need to provide a literacy rich environment at home.  Want to know more?  V. Susan Bennett-Armistead, Nell K. Duke, and Annie M. Moses, wrote a wonderful guide for parents Beyond Bedtime Stories A Parent’s Guide to Promoting Reading, Writing, and Other Literacy Skills From Birth to 5.  The book offers lots of tips and ideas to help you promote literacy throughout the day and throughout the home.

Copies of Beyond Bedtime Stories are available at the Library.  But that’s not all.  In partnership with the Novi Community School District there will be a meet the author event called Students for Success at the Novi Middle School on Wednesday, April 19th at 7pm. Meet Nell K. Duke, Ed.D., professor of language, literacy and culture at the University of Michigan.  She specializes in the development of informational literacies in young children.  Call 248-349-0720 to register or register here.

See you in the Story Time Room!

This week’s handouts:  bt-feb_27_-bath  tottime-feb-27-bath

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