The Dog Ate My Homework

It’s important for kids to have a pet so they have someone to blame.  I’m kidding!  But there are a bunch of reasons why kids and pets are a great combination.  One Green Planet recently shared an article with 20 reasons why it is important to raise kids around animals. The number one reason is it makes kids healthier.  Apparently, pets create a greater immune response in kids so they get sick less often.  Pets also raise self esteem, help develop compassion, responsibility and offer endless companionship.  The Benefits of Pets on says that pets help kids learn, provide comfort, and can build family bonds.  Not convinced?  Watch this Funny Dogs and Babies video!

Our story time theme this week is all about pets.  Cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, snakes, fish, and of course dogs.  Yes, that was me, hopping like a rabbit, jumping like a frog, and flying like a bird.  It was fun!

zorroWe read Say Hello to Zorro! displayed on the big screen.  Mr. Bud, has his routine and when Zorro comes to live with him he thinks everything will change.  He discovers, however, that they like the same things and that they have the same schedule.  Wake up time, nap time, dinner time, and walk time.  And everything is more fun when you have someone to share it with.

See you in the Story Time Room!

This week’s handouts:  bt-feb-20-pets / tottime-feb-20-pets

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