Digital Media and Story Time

If you have attended story time recently you may have noticed the addition of a screen and iPad in the Story Time Room.  It makes sense that we have added technology – libraries provide access to information and in this digital age that means through the use of technology, computers and other devices.  Thanks to the Friends of the Library we are able to provide this resource.

Digital – encoded information that can be displayed on computers or other electronic devices.  Media – mass communication of information. Story Time – a specific time when stories are read to children. Digital media and story time!

eBooks and Picture Book Apps are a great way to use technology. It is exciting to have the opportunity to read picture books that are displayed on the screen.  How is an eBook/App different from a print book?  That depends.  An eBook is a book read on a device.  A picture book App usually has an interactive component.  For instance, I read Good Night Moon recently using the app.  “In the great green room there was a telephone, and a red balloon…”  Touch the items as you read and they come to life. Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain the attention of the children but when I read this story everyone was captivated.  If you are having trouble getting your little one to sit still for a story try a picture book app.  It allows them to physically take part in the story.  Some of my favorites for very young children include Good Night Moon and anything by Sandra Boynton.  Today we read Barnyard Dance by Boynton.  What fun it was to make the animals dance.

Our goal is to continue to introduce children to digital media to enhance early literacy skills using the five practices: read, sing, talk, play and write.  See you in the Story Time Room!

This weeks handouts: bt-jan-9-music  tottime-jan-9-music

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